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TNFIA actively invited Japanese companies to exhibit at ANEX 2024 to add to the showcase's multiplicity.


Date: 2024-01-15

News Type: Expo News


As preparations for the ANEX 2024 enter the countdown stage, the Taiwan Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Association (TNFIA) also seizes every opportunity to connect with international companies and actively invites all units to participate in ANEX 2024, which will be held in Taiwan for the first time.

In January, TNFIA visited several Japanese companies and attended the annual meeting of the All Nippon Nonwovens Association (ANNA) to vigorously promote ANEX 2024 and increase the richness of the event.

1. Visited Azuchi Sangyo Co., Ltd. and invited to exhibit at ANEX 2024

Azuchi is a professional trading company engaged in importing and exporting chemicals and natural raw materials. It actively promotes activities to reduce the burden on the global environment and is committed to being environmentally friendly, which is consistent with the "sustainable innovation" concept that ANEX focuses on. Therefore, Ms. Chien Chia-Ching, the president of TNFIA, made a special visit and invited Azuchi to exhibit in Taiwan in May.

2. Visited Yuho Co., Ltd. and confirmed to participate in ANEX 2024

YUHO focuses on nonwoven products in the fields of industrial materials, air filtration, automotive, and medical applications. It is committed to contributing to the environment, comfort, and health, and has become a brand that customers can trust with peace of mind. The president and YUHO have agreed on the exhibition schedule and are looking forward to having YUHO exhibiting in Taiwan in May.

3. TNFIA's president, Ms. Chien Chia-Ching was invited to give a speech at the annual meeting of ANNA and promote ANEX 2024

TNFIA's president, Ms. Chien Chia-Ching was invited to be a guest speaker at the annual meeting of ANNA. She mentioned that "2024 marks a significant year with the global economy healing for further recovery posing challenges and potential opportunities. Asia remains the world's manufacturing and trade hub and is expected to outperform Europe and the United States. The global nonwoven fabric market is anticipated to reach 45.1 billion USD this year normalizing from reaching a peak during the pandemic to a sharp drop after the pandemic. The market will likely pick up during the second half of this year so please join us in May with Japan's leading Asia Nonwovens industry and see what Asia can do to increase our market and impact on the world."

4. Press conference with Japan nonwoven industry media 

The press conference invited nonwoven industry-related media including Japan Nonwovens Report, Nonwovens Review, and Sen-i-news to promote ANEX 2024.






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